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Smart Integrated Identity Recognition System on Long-distance Iris & Face (SIR)

The First Commercialized Long-distance Iris Recognition Products In China

Relying on self-developed core technologies including 3D human-computer interaction, iris and face biometric fusion,

advanced 3D liveliness detection for hundred-millions-scale crowds,

which provides identity authentication services with high stability and accuracy.

Long-distance Iris Recognition

For hundred-millions-scale crowds in a complex realistic scene, with more than one meter working distance,long-distance iris imaging and recognition can be completed within seconds, build/compare mass data in a huge data base on a terminal device, local or cloud servers. This technology could avoid duplication of registration, once registered and you can enjoy life-long service. It supports high-accuracy and comfortable identity authentication guaranteed in various regions and scenes.

Face Recognition

Synchronized with face recognition, significantly improve the accuracy of identification, multithreaded compare images of raw faces in surveillance videos. Combined with rapid ID card check, e.g. ID card, passport, smart card and so on, can greatly save manpower and improve regional security.

Liveliness Detection

With innovative multi-spectral optical sensing module, integrated facial information, 3D facial expression and profile analysis, we provide high-security and silent face detection services.


Personal identity are constantly deconstructed and reconstructed for the era of big data. The technology of identify authentication needs a balance between safety and convenience, which becomes a topical issue in all fields. Long-distance Iris Fusion Recognition can efficiently solve the problem of financial, security, traffic, education and other industries, provides the best scheme within both high levels of security and great experiences.


IriStar established dual authentication systems with iris recognition and face verification, building upon intellectual property rights of self-developed long-distance iris recognition technologies, compare with data bases, identify information with interaction. It ends up the traditional reservation and on-site registration, bounds informational data to human bodies, provides users an unique excellent experience, leads to future free of credentials.

Work Flow

1.When first using our equipment, users could be identified after finishing iris registration.

2.If had used our equipment before, users would be identified quickly with a rapid scanning.

3.Results and using data will be collected and uploaded to the data base for storage and analysis, contribute to adjust systems to demands of customized or personalized services, improve the customers' satisfaction.








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