Prospect of long-distance iris recognition marketing

With the increasing popularity of biometric technology in the mobile phone, security and other markets, people gradually enjoy the convenience brought by these amazing technologies. Our lifestyle has also be changing by the way. Complicated verification procedures in the past are now substituted to taking a look at the camera with your eyes. Simple and convenient operations in biometric recognition quickly occupy the market, become attractive black technology.

After many years of market research, we observe the facts that fingerprint and face recognition encounter difficulties in adapting to complicated scenes, especially in fields requiring high security level, the ability in anti-counterfeiting still can not meet requirements. Meanwhile, the traditional close-to-device iris recognition is quite limited in working distance, which causes poor user experience and can not be large-scale promoted. Rather, the long-distance iris recognition technologies just make up for these shortages, and gains huge advantages in excellent recognition accuracy, high security and humanistic identification experience, which is more suitable for deployment in public places.

It turns out that a stable, long-term and effective , highly secure identification technology that meets the needs of users while not being easily changed will be recognized in the marketplace. The excellence of our products not only relies on in-depth study of iris recognition, but also combines the technical characteristics of face recognition and other identification techniques. So multi-modal biometric fusion and recognition rooted in our products can further enhance the user experience and security level, which fills the gap in this area of domestic market.

Currently, IriStar Co.,Ltd. has promoted dozens of industry applications, in security, anti-terrorism, finance, smart travel, smar products will be more common in our daily life, providing us with safer, more convenient and pleasant life experience in the near future.




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