Graceful Shape

Perfect Curve

Say Goodbye To Cold Industrial Design

Finance and Banks

Financial business identification

Bank vault authority management

Anti-tailgating in restricted space

Intelligent Building

Smart door security system

Automatic access control

Personnel entry&exit management

VIP Guest

VIP lounge

VIP hyperchannel

VIP negotiation room

High-End Community

Door security system

Access control system


Minimalist Style

Smooth Touch

Know You By Just One Glance

Security System

Entrance guard system

Mission levels assignment

Examination Supervision

Eliminate identity fraud

Forbid test-takers

Social security

Ensure safety of accounts

Prevent embezzlement of funds

Prisons & Detention Centers

Accurately identify prison personnel

Develop rigorous security systems

Attendance Check

Efficient staff management

Prevent punching in others

Emergency Relief

Accurately identify people from disaster area

Personnel tracking management


Traditional Gate Meet Modern Black Tech

Mass Crowds Passing

Could Be So Easy

Security clearance

Greatly enhance security certificate

Effectively shorten waiting time

Border control

Identify exit-entry personnel and packages

Strengthen inspection and safety monitoring

Subway & Stations

Relieve stress at stream peak time

Prevent congestion or stranding

Airport Terminal

Shorten travellers' waiting time

Greatly improve travellers' satisfaction


Easy to assemble and maintain

Flexible in scalability

Highly customizable

Free to meet all needs

Fast As A Thunder

the whole process

takes less than 2s

3D liveliness

Capture images

rebuild 3D models

for liveliness detection

Color HCI

Detection Color-depth sensors

Real-time Imaging Technique

Improve users' sensual experience

Ultra-High Security

Work rapidly

without a trace

Extremely hard to forge

W200 Hand-held Face and Iris Acquisition Device

Slim to hold in hand

Iris fuse face recognition

Available in all weather/light environment

Capture high definition images

Applicable in any working scene


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